A little about the artist

Ariane` Kamps is self-taught oil painter who is passionate about painting people and stories. Her work ranges from portraiture to surreal dreamlike landscapes that she creates out of her home studio in Penticton, British Columbia.

Ariane` started her artistic journey after the birth of her 5th child. Needing to have a creative outlet she painted shoes, purses and miniature paintings. In the Spring of 2017 she realized it was time to expand her artistic horizons and she began to create her portraits on canvas. Portraits became a passion for her as she continued to paint people’s stories in new ways.

Her paintings and prints can be found in homes & private collections in North America and Europe. When she isn’t painting she can be found teaching her 5 bright children, hiking the hills around Okanagan lake and trying to spot the elusive Ogopogo.

**“The Selkie Bride” an oil painting on birch board, seen right.

Photo Reference credit to Zuzu Valla

Ariane`’s paintings seek to capture the ethereal elements of a dreamworld. A land in the twilight of waking and asleep. The place where we can fly, talk to animals and do anything we can imagine.

Her work often has a sharpened focus in the image with a touch realism while allowing the background to melt away into impressionism. This gives the affect of a distant memory. A place you may know but can vaguely remember, allowing the viewer to make the world their own story, their own dream, their own fantasy.