Portraits of family, children & pets

Commissions Come in all shapes and sizes. From initial sketch to the finished painting, each commission highlights a moment that is precious to you and I’m honored to share it with you and create a heirloom out of what inspires you.

Portraits of humans, pets- past or present are possible to achieve very small as a miniature or in larger sizes, depending on the reference or inspiration you provide. Any inspiration you might have, for example: what of my work resonated with you? Mood boards can be useful to convey an emotion or aesthetic with more emotive pieces.

Photo Reference is an important piece of the puzzle. I will not shy away from multiple references or pooling references together to achieve an otherworldly look.  When creating the clearest portraits for example, the best launch pad to begin from is a reference image that is very clear, crisp, and well lit. When possible I enjoy taking the reference photograph myself in a photo session. If you have a pet that is shy it maybe preferable for you to take the photo.

image3 (2).jpeg

Portraits in oils are a legacy

Oil vs Watercolor

One of the versatile options you have is to choose what medium to have your portrait painted with. “Medium” is the type of paint a painting is done in.

Oils have a very solid look, while watercolor is more opaque.

Both have a lovely appearance.

The Sketch

After deciding size and frame I will sketch the subject onto the substrate (canvas, etc) usually a wood board cut to fit your frame. I then share the sketch over email or some other digital format for your consideration. My goal is to create a thoughtful sketch that conveys our plan but can have ‘messier’ appearance than the final piece. If you have any questions or concerns now is the time to talk about them. When we are happy with it I will then paint the painting. 


Watercolors give a soft, dreamlike look

*This Portrait was painted in Watercolors

The Painting 

When the painting is compete you will receive the final bill. When the painting is dry, I will lovingly pack and ship your painting to you.

My price for a commissioned piece is about 15% more than a painting I have for sale in my shop. The reason being that we are creating a piece together and this takes time to achieve. You can expect your painting in 4-6 weeks depending on scale and time of year. All commissioned pieces begin after a 50% deposit to secure the spot is made, the remaining balance + shipping (if applicable) is due once the painting is complete. If you would like a tailored Payment plan, that can be arranged. Feel free to ask!

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