I love your work but I would like to spread out the cost. Do you do Payment Plans?

Yes! After having 5 children, believe me I’ve been there. Life is expensive and sometimes the beautiful things that bring us joy have to go on the back burner. I am willing to provide payment plans. I would rather hold onto a piece for you than it sit alone & not be in a home that will love & cherish it. Contact me for details.

Can I return/exchange the painting?

My goal is that you find your forever painting. Each painting is unique and I do try to create each piece to be different than the last. Be sure read the description closely for measurements, etc and try looking at the photo’s of the item on different devices to get a good interpretation of the colors of each piece.

ALL sales are final- If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.

What if (God forbid!) my painting arrives damaged?

If this happens to you please, please document it and contact me on arrival.

Do you do Book Illustrations?

Yes I do and I would be happy to discuss contracts/projects with you. Please note that I am very selective about the creative projects that I take on. Thank you!

Do you take commissions:

Yes! I do take commissions of portraits, landscapes and other things. Be sure to visit my COMMISSIONS page for more info.

Can I resell your painting?

Please contact me if you wish to resell my work and attain written permission to do so.

Do you ship outside Canada/US?:

Yes I can ship internationally. I’m happy to help you with shipping options and will tailor a shipping price for you. Before you purchase just contact me in the form below with your postal/zip code and I will estimate the shipping for you per item.

Was there a question I missed?

Please contact me!