Terms of Use

Hello Collector or potential collector.

You just bought a beautiful piece of art! Congratulations! Now you want to show your friends or maybe you want to photograph the work and make Christmas cards with it on the cover. But just a moment, let me share with you a little about artist copyright. While I, the artist, am pleased as punch that you love your artwork so much, there is a right way to show the piece and a wrong way. If you want to snap a photo to show your friends and family on social media the incredible work of art you have just purchased, wonderful! Please give the artist proper credit. If you would like to make cards or any other reproduction of the work you must first purchase the reproduction rights from the artist. This involves a bit of paperwork and an additional fee but is doable. If you wish to purchase reproduction rights please contact me. Even if I have painted your loved one or pet or any other photo reference you may have given me, I retain the copyright to all my work. I am a creative individual and I’m sure you are as well and can value the time and skill that went into each artwork.

Do you wish to resell the original you have bought? Please contact me if you wish to resell my work and attain written permission to do so.

Thank you for patiently reading this, and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.